It is mainly a time saving consideration, air spray is the most efficient way of achieve full coverage in a faster time frame. Rolling and or back brushing can also achieve good results and achieve a uniform cover.

This is usually called accent wall, most designers prefer the wall that come into view opposite the main entrance. A most recent design nowadays is the backdrop for the TV. or entertainment center.

In most cases the ceiling are painted first, then wall and last the trims and frames. However when hiring an experienced craftsman or artist there will be no problems if you decide to change the color of your ceiling once the project is finished.

The answer is yes, however you need to prime the surface with a special primer, known as oil modified primer.

Eggshell finish is the recommended for surfaces that might get little abuse. It is easy to wash it.

It can be challenging even for professional painters to touch up a wall, however it can be done. For best results, use paint from the same can that was used originally. Paint ages over time and if that is the case bring the can to any paint store and request a paint match. In this case the result may not be close to original.

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With over 20 years of experience, highly skilled and trained artists we can proudly say that no job is too small or too big for Wall Street Arts. whether you are remodeling the entire interior of your property or just need a touch up in one room, we are ready and able to serve you. We offer professional consultation with  free estimate and color scheme selection. From start to finish, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our services. From high quality paint and artistry to leaving your property clean and mess free.

Yes! We recommend using a sponge know as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It works wonders. Use it damped with care. do not rub the surface too hard, or you will remove paint. To guarantee durability of your freshly painted walls, allow at least two weeks before washing . Avoid any abrasive or harsh chemical cleaners as these could damage the paint job.


For information on how to handle lead base paint, please call the National Lead Information Center at 1800-424-LEAD . Or contact your local health department.