Old Wall Paper

wall paper removal

We understand the procrastinating of dealing with that old out-dated wallpaper, after all it can be a mess and an unpleasant surprise. Do not wait any longer. The new year is around the corner, lets make a bold move and lets rip that thing out. New year, freshly painted walls sounds really good.
Removing wall paper is always an adventure. You never know the condition of the wall under that paper, most of the time it is not good. The mold and mildew can cause serious damage to your health.
Wall Street Arts offers all of the following services to help you in your home/office project: Painting, Epoxy Flooring,Wall Paper Removal, Faux Finish, Luster Stone, Wood Staining, Popcorn Removal and more. Our craftsman are highly skilled and willing to provide you with the upmost professional service in South Florida.
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